Dalia Gencher
Dalia Gencher




Sat. Chitta. Ananda.

Truth. Conciousness. Bliss.


Dalia Gencher


Yoga Vedantic Practioner

Vedic Astrologist, Sattva and Kriya Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Holistic Kinesiologist.

She has spent nearly a decade immersing herself in holistic health, and the ancient Yoga Sciences. Dalia unites the healing modalities of the East and West, as a student of Integrative Medicine and a Disciple of the Modern Day Master of the Himalayan Tantric Tradition in India. She unifies her modalities to create a comprehensive and unique practice, that yields true transformation.

Intention: To Celebrate Life and Liberate the Self. To cultivate a Sattvic; luminous, peaceful, radiant and blissful, state within yourself. To guide you toward Self-Realisation. To illuminate the light within.

The deepest intention of this work is to reveal the very love that you are. These practices are for those ready to transcend their conditioning, and to become the creators of their own lives. To invoke a life of Dharma; of purpose, fulfillment and Grace.

The Practice.

Sattva & Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Vedic Astrology and Holistic Healing, are used to shift, cultivate and transform your life. These ancient traditions are passed down with deep reverence from the Himalayan Tantric Tradition. The practices are complete sciences based in direct experience as technology for Self-Realisation and liberation.

A harmony of powerful, life changing Yoga Vedantic technology guides you to transform your life and state of Conciousness from the inside out. Concsiously cultivating a Sattvic state, in all aspects and experiences of life.

Vedic Astrology: Jyotish

The Eye of the Veda.

See Life Clearly. Attune to Nature. Enliven your Highest Expression.

A Reading of your Vedic Birth Chart helps us to understand the astronomical movements at play and our individual expression of Self. It is practical application to align with the design of nature, and movement of space and time.

Sattva & Kriya Yoga

The Practice of Self Realisation & Evolutionary Action.

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Nothing like it. Dalia’s warmth and innate skill to relay and discuss extremely helpful wisdom left me walking out on a cloud and FULL of clarity. I cannot reccomend her highly enough.
— Chloe, Veternarian
The tools I have gained working with Dalia have been absolutely life changing. Opening me up to the magic of meditation has changed my everyday experiences, taught me how to centre myself, how to filter through unproductive, ego driven thoughts, and how to really connect to myself and others. On top of Meditation, her Vedic Astrology reading has helped me harness my potential in the state of life I am currently at, providing me with direction and understanding. I couldn’t reccommend utilising Dalia’s magical energy and everything she has to offer more!
— Courtney, Nurse